7 Days to Easy-Money: Get Paid to Write a Book HTML version

Day Two: Develop your idea and assess the market
Day Two Tasks
Task One: Keep studying non-fiction books
The more you know about how non-fiction books are constructed the more easily
you'll be able to work on your own book with confidence. Look at the books on your
shelves at home, and at your local library. (Be sure to make a note of any editor or
agent acknowledgements.)
Task Two: Develop your idea
Work through the various steps in developing your idea. (See "Simple Steps In
Developing Your Idea" in this chapter.
Dispelling myths and a word about confidence
If you're feeling nervous now that you're about to start this project, relax. Tell yourself
that you will take it step by step. All you need to do is work at it steadily, a word,
sentence and paragraph at a time, and you will complete your proposal, and then when
you've sold the proposal, you'll complete your book using the same easy-does-it
While we're at it, let's dispel a few myths.
Myth One
It takes a special talent to write books.
It takes persistence. There are as many different kinds of writers as there are people.
Some are young, some are elderly, many are in-between. You don’t need any special
writing talent to write books, nor do you need to be highly educated. Many successful