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A sample chapter, or two chapters. This is always the first chapter, and if
you're sending two chapters, it's the Introduction and Chapter One, or if there's
no Introduction, it's Chapters One and Two.
. Optional. You may want to attach articles you've written about
the book's topic, or any relevant supporting material.
Got an idea for your book? Great!
If you already have an idea for your book, that's great. Please work through the
material in this chapter using your current idea, or join us in developing new ideas.
Open a new computer file so that you can work through the exercises as we progress.
Start here to develop an idea for your next book
There's nothing mysterious about coming up with ideas. Within a page or two, you'll
have more ideas than you know what to do with. Your ideas start with YOU. When
you think about what you enjoy, about your past experiences and your knowledge,
you're guaranteed a regular fountain of ideas. Let's turn on the fountain.
As you do the following exercises, work through them quickly. Don't allow
yourself to bog down. Do them as quickly as you can, and then go and do something
else for a few hours, to let the ideas gestate and bubble in your subconscious mind.
When you come back, read through the ideas you generated, and add to them
as you read through your lists. Please don’t discard any ideas at this stage. This is
because the way to a brilliant, fantastic idea is by twisting an idea slightly, reversing
it, or by combining several ideas into a new one.
Searching for ideas alerts your subconscious mind that ideas are important to
you. Over the next few days, you may get a nudge from an idea which says: "Write
me down". Do that right away, even if you're in the middle of a shower or you're
driving along the freeway. (If you’re driving, pull over.) Write that idea down,
because even if you're one hundred per cent certain that you will never in this lifetime
forget that amazing idea you just had, believe me, you will forget it. Write it down,