7 Days in May HTML version

Finished with his breakfast he left a tip on the table and went back to his room. The TV was flickering in the corner
and he turned the volume up, not really listening as he packed his things - not until the name Sir Craig Holland impinged
on his consciousness that is. Gonzalez turned the volume higher.
.” . . late yesterday afternoon in Wooten Woods behind his large estate. Sir Craig Holland’s body was found by a man
walking his dog, and is believed to have cut his wrists with a penknife and taken a large quantity of paracetamol. The Prime
Minister . . .”
Gonzalez killed the sound and sat on the end of the bed, a smile spreading across his hard features.
One less loose end to worry about.
=09:23 hrs=
Dawn opened her eyes with a start. The sky was streaked with red. It was morning, she’d slept through the night!
Too afraid of what she might find if she checked on her dad, Dawn stayed in the car and turned on the radio, pushing
the buttons, trying to find some music to listen to. She hesitated as the words came from the speaker before disappearing
.” . . octor Sheena McKen . . .”
Sitting forward Dawn desperately retuned the radio trying to find the station she’d skipped past, but by the time she
did so, the news had moved on to a new item.
Jumping from the car Dawn rushed into the shack, her mind a whirl of confusion. As she entered the shack Sheena
raised her head from the table and looked at her with sleep-filled eyes.
“Sheena you’re on the news. I didn’t hear what but . . .” Dawn stopped, looking at her dad, her eyes taking on a glow.
He was sitting upright, leaning against the wall, his eyes bright and alert.
“Hi baby,” he said.
“Dad! You’re okay,” Dawn shouted, pounding across the floor and throwing herself down, enveloping him in a big
“Whoa, easy there,” he said hugging her back. “I still feel a little out of it.”
Sheena knelt and checked Alex’s temperature. It was normal. “How do you feel?” she asked.
“A little light-headed and I ache all over like I’ve run a marathon or something.”
Sheena smiled at Dawn. “Looks like it worked.”
Dawn launched herself at Sheena giving her the biggest bear hug she’d ever had. “Thank you. Thank you so much,”
she said, her breath tickling Sheena’s ear. “You saved his life.”
Sheena disentangled herself from Dawn’s embrace and stood up. “You were saying something about me being on the
“Yes but I only heard your name.”
Dawn and Sheena turned as Alex shouted, “The door!”
A cat stood in the open doorway, watching them with alert, intelligent eyes.
Without hesitating Sheena swept the camping lamp off the table and threw it at the cat. The white glass shattered on
the floor and the cat ran from the shack. Dawn jumped up, following it out.
“Dawn!” Alex shouted trying to get to his feet, his face twisted with pain. “Dawn come back.”
A second later they heard the sound of a shot echo through the wood and Dawn reappeared back in the doorway, a
sheepish smile on her face.
“Guess I forgot to close the door,” she said.
Alex chuckled, shaking his head.
Was this really his daughter? His little girl?
He looked at the young woman standing in the doorway, so self assured, the shotgun cradled in her arms as though it
belonged there, and felt a deep pride sweep over him.
Just when had she grown up?
“We’d better get out of here,” Sheena said. “There’s a house not far away on the other side of the wood and they may
have heard the shot. We can’t take a chance on the police turning up. Can you walk Alex?”
“I can with some help.”
“Good. Come on Dawn let’s get him on his feet.”
Together they made it to the door where Dawn stopped them. “Hang on, let me check.” She darted outside then back
in again. “All clear.”
They made it to the car with no further problems and settled Alex in the back seat. Dawn sat beside Sheena as she
drove the car along the track, fiddling with the radio.
“Where too?” Sheena asked.
“The police I guess,” Alex answered.
“Hey, listen to this,” Dawn said as she found the station she was looking for.
The news item brought a depressed silence to the occupants of the car as they heard an account of how Doctor
Sheena McKenzie, believed to be a terrorist, had taken part in the bombing of a government facility on the Isle of Wight
known as Area 7, killing at least four people and injuring numerous others. An accurate description followed. Sheena’s face
turned a deathly white as she listened.
Dawn snapped the radio off and sat looking out of the window, tears of anger filling her eyes.