7 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make HTML version

Two: Using too many sources
for investing information.
All stock information is not created equal.
Be judicious about what sources you use, and understand what they’re
really saying.
For example, be very cautious about reading posts on open-access stock
forums. It might initially seem like these are populated by knowledgeable
people, but the sad truth is: Many of the posters on online stock forums
simply have no idea what they are talking about. They’re struggling to get
direction. They test ideas on others – who are often just as clueless. They
have opinions from Mars. They get into pissing matches where nobody has
any sense of what’s correct.
So why would you bother? Oh, right – to get stock
tips, or to validate your ideas. But seriously – don’t
waste your time on most stock forums. Occasionally,
there’s a poster who is a bit more knowledgeable, but
in many cases, even the most uninformed people can
make themselves sound authoritative while they’re just
spouting their opinions! Avoid these places. You’ll get
more out of an old Starsky & Hutch rerun.
And never buy a stock just because someone in the media recommended it.
Do you ever watch those financial TV channels that have market news
throughout the trading day? If you do, pay no attention to the parade of
professional fund managers who grace the screen all day, telling you “what
trade works now!”
Seven Biggest Mistakes Investors Make