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You can find other names that have risen even more. Some of those have
been growth stocks with a solid track record of sales and earnings growth.
That’s the kind of stocks we focus on here at Simple Growth Investing.
You might also find speculative stocks – those with no profitability and
usually a very low share price – that have also scored big run-ups. It
happens, no question. But in our experience, and the experience of many
other successful traders, those stocks can be riskier and if you’re not super
careful, can lead to sudden losses.
So when we say you should decide on an investing style and stick with it,
we’d recommend growth investing. We have plenty of posts and materials
here on Simple Growth Investing to help you with that.
But if you do choose growth investing, don’t mix it with some speculative
stocks, some value investing, some long-term investing and maybe some
day trading for a quick pop here and there. By mixing all these styles, you’ll
just dilute your focus and dilute your results.
So pick a style and stick with it. You’ll develop an expertise, and you’ll
begin to recognize the better names, and understand when to buy and sell
Seven Biggest Mistakes Investors Make