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The Seven Biggest Mistakes Most
Investors Make
Results don’t lie. Most stock investors, if not all, have some bad habits that
keep them frustrated and ineffective in the market.
What kind of results are you getting from your investing?
If you’re like most people, you’d probably like to improve your investing
results. One of the reasons you’re not getting what you want may be that
you have no plan for investing in the market. You take tips from friends or
TV personalities, and you invest on “gut instinct” rather than zeroing in on
a method and sticking to it.
So what habits result in better investing? The
good news is: It’s not that tough to change your
investing habits, though it might mean giving up
some of your long-held beliefs. And you’ll have
to accept that you absolutely won’t be able to buy
every stock that makes enormous price gains. No
one does, and no investing system will help you
spot every single huge gainer. But you can get
enough of them to make a difference in your
financial position, and in your life.
So let’s jump in, and look at the Seven Mistakes that are preventing you
from seeing better results in the stock market.
Seven Biggest Mistakes Investors Make