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There’s no telling how long an uptrend will last, once you have this
confirmation. It can fizzle after a few days, or last weeks or even months.
So that begs the question: How do you know if an uptrend is reversing
lower, and becoming a downtrend?
After a rally has been underway for awhile, notice whether there’s heavy-
volume selling for several days within a short period, and whether the
indexes have stopped making upward progress. That’s your sign that a rally
is running out of juice, and it may be time to sell some stocks.
These methods do work. They’re simple and straightforward ways of
identifying market shifts. However, they take some time to really
comprehend them thoroughly, and to master their use. There are easier
ways for you to get this information at key junctures. You can learn more
Seven Biggest Mistakes Investors Make