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Six Steps To Six Figures With List Marketing
About The Author
Jimmy D. Brown
Jimmy D. Brown is widely considered one of the web’s leading email marketing
He’s been one of the featured speakers at the world's largest Internet marketing seminars,
such as the Big Seminar and the System Seminar. He’s been interviewed by some of the
most successful marketers in the world, like Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards. He’s privately
counseled some of the top "gurus".
And those who've submitted testimonials for his products are like a who's who of Internet
John Reese
Armand Morin
Terry Dean
Paul Myers
Stephen Pierce
Jim Edwards
Alex Mandossian
Phil Wiley
Ryan Deiss
Jason Potash
Just to name a few.
His Small Reports Fortune course is getting rave reviews from seasoned Internet Marketers
as well as from college students, stay-at-home moms and retired grandparents. In the Small
Reports for Big Profits system he outlines a step-by-step plan that is simple to follow, yet
incredibly powerful when it comes to generating large amounts of profits (think 6 figures).
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