6 Lady Killer Dating Strategies to Being an Alpha Asian Male HTML version

A = Attitude, Attract & Approach
We don't believe women are stupid. In fact, do you really want to trick a woman into liking you
instead of the REAL you? See, case studies (and you'll find that as an engineer & scientist, I
make use of science and psychology to back up my real-life experiences as a PUA in the field)
have shown that women will JUDGE you within 30 seconds of conversation... which is far faster
than the 45 seconds a man takes to judge her!
First, the battle is lost or won before it’s even fought. What’s your mental Attitude like? Are you
experiencing approach anxiety? There’s no shame in that, but until you can learn to manage
that fear, you’ll never be able to approach well. Getting over that fear is first step, then you learn
how to approach well with good results. Not the other way around. I remember discussing this
very issue with a beautiful girlfriend of mine.
What she said next blew my mind away.
“I didn’t realize that guys had so much trouble with approach anxiety. When a guy- especially an
Asian man- doesn’t approach me, it’s not because I think he has approach anxiety. I just think
In order to learn how to manage your approach anxiety, you need to approach women. Just use
any kind of low-investment opener without expecting any kind of outcome (you’re not trying to
sleep with her, or go on a date with her, or get number) you’re just being a pleasant, outgoing
guy. Approach 10 girls two to three times a week. In a month, you should have talked to 100
women. AA will never completely go away, but you can learn to manage it.
After all, “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.”
you can be attractive in her eyes before you even open your mouth. It’s the difference between
active value versus passive value similar to active income (you have to work in order to make
money) or passive income (you’re making money whether you work or not). It’s about body
language, subcommunication, non-verbal cues (women are 4 times more keyed into reading
body language than men are!), facial expressions, fashion, and hairstyle just to name a
few. This is a hugely important subject which I will cover more indepth later in this book. But
basically, beginner’s think WHAT to say to the girl. The average think HOW to say it to the
girl. And then the experts think WHERE to take her emotionally and physically (but that’s an
advanced topic for later on).
Finally, then it comes to the approach. What you actually say to her. I know a lot of guys
want the best pick up lines and rejection free openers, but those don’t exist. As I said before,
beginner’s think what to say, but it’s HOW you say it that will save the day.
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