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Have a Game Plan!
The ABCDEF Model – Understanding the Basic Concepts
There are two models of attraction derived from my experience as a PUA, engineer, and Asian
First, there is the ABCs Structure which is unique in its "plug n' play" nature, where we take the
best parts of your personality and plug it into an intuitive, structured, game plan. It's also unique
because the ABCs model is the first of its kind to utilize "Holistic Game" or the combination
of Inner Confidence with Outer Game and Verbal Attraction, to give a 1-2-3 punch other
overspecialized methods can't give you.
This is what is taught during the ABCs' intense, life changing, and highly reviewed Boot Camps.
The other model, Interracial Dating, is based on the groundbreaking concept called "Paradigm
Shifting" that I pioneered. This will be briefly addressed near the end.
Here’s an overview of exactly what the ABC Model is all about.
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