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I hope that you enjoy absorbing these snippets of The Game, which are only a preview of things
to come.
Why are you here? Why are you sitting here reading this? What happened in your life to lead
you to this very point, right here, right now?
These are enormously important questions to answer, because many men come to me
confused as to why they are even taking the time and the emotional journey to immerse
themselves in ‘The Game.’
Do you want to have as much wild, rampant sex as possible? Sure.
Do you want to connect romantically with as many beautiful women as possible? Of course.
But for many men, it’s even more than that. It’s about finding the woman that you dream about
every night and winning her over, like you are in the midst of the most perfect movie scene ever
I’ve had guys come to me with no ambition to have one-night stands because they are looking
for more than that and there’s no shame in that whatsoever.
The Game is not one of numbers or bragging rights; it’s about having the ability to seduce any
woman you want to. From this very moment, you will never again need to settle for second
best. You will have the confidence to try being in a relationship and know that if things go
wrong, you can fall back on "The Game" to find someone else to fall in love with.
Because, in truth, your confidence level will dictate your success rate, which is probably the
perfect point for me to start at.
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