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“6 Lady Killer Dating Strategies to Being
an Alpha Asian Male” Report
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Whether you’ve downloaded this report at rock bottom, with self-loathing acting as a cancer on
your happiness, or simply because you want to take your game to a truly unstoppable level,
you’ve come to the right place.
So, let me proudly introduce you to the ABCs of Attraction’s report on being the kind of
confident, high value, masculine and sexual Bruce Lee like alpha Asian male that you always
knew you were destined to be.
Herein this free report, I’m going to go over- in mind blowingly thorough depth- 6 Lady Killer
Strategies to Being an Alpha Asian Male!
This work represents several years of practice, resulting in new pick-up methods (As seen
on TV) that I have meticulously broken down every step of the way to ensure that you are
After all, I am an aerospace engineer... but one with a special distinction: I can launch an
orbiting satellite just as proficiently as I can explain to you how to meet and date beautiful
My humble beginnings were as a textbook nerd, but I went on to become what AsianWeek
proclaimed on their front page as the “World’s Greatest Asian Pick-Up Artist.”
Having trained hundreds of men who were almost exact shadows tof he anti-socialite I once
was, I decided it was time to put pen to paper and pass this information on so that you too can
change your life in almost unimaginable ways.
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