550 PR, Marketing & Social Media Tips HTML version

1 #1 pet peeve of journalists. People who call and pitch not knowing what
they cover. Do your homework.
100’s of engaged followers will do more for you than 1000’s of token
After a pitch, make sure you give several contact #s to a reporter. The
press waits for no one.
Ally yourself w/local charity, sponsor sports teams. Commitment to so-
cial responsibility attracts customers.
Remember the 5th “P” of the new marketing mix, Presence. If they
can’t ind you, they can’t work w/ you.
Instead of asking for new Facebook “Likes,” link your “Read More” email
mktg campaign messages to Facebook & encourage feedback.
7 Your “About” page is often your 2nd most visited. Focus on you & them.
Tell a great story of who you are & what you will do for them.
Transition from thinking about how SM strategy helps your biz to how
SM strategy helps your customers. Then you’ll see results.
Think about the phrase “You can’t change what you can’t measure.” Are
you using your analytics strategically?
SM is all about THEM, not all about YOU. Do an audit of your networks.
Is it just about you? Commit to engage to get results.
11 Acknowledge tweets, emails, comments. It’s not good PR or customer
service to ignore anyone.