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I hope you will find some nuggets of suggestions in here that works. But it can only work if you work on it. I do not believe everything here works for everyone. Some suggestions you may even disagree. But the important thing is - I hope it will at least shift your mindset a little and act upon the habit that can mean changing your work life for the better.

You can speed through this book in thirty minutes. But that is not its purpose. Too often we hear about people complaining about work, work life, colleagues and work related problems and challenges. The fact that we spend a lot of time at work means it has the potential to dictate how we feel throughout the day, months or year. How often do we reflect and act upon what we can change?

If you can act upon some of the steps here diligently then you will begin a process of changing your work environment for the better. Realize that when you change, your environment changes too.

You cannot expect overnight results with things that are behavioral in nature. It can only work over time with a new mindset and continuous conscious effort.

Sure, speed through the book. But more importantly, run though it now and then through the year when the need arises. You can also opt to subscribe to the FREE newsletter that acts as a reminder for you. Every now and then when we update the site we will send you a newsletter that acts as a reminder for you and also new suggestions to keep your motivation going. It’s FREE and you can unsubscribe anytime. Subscribe here: http://www.career-success-for-newbies.com/newbiescareerzine.html

It is interesting that most of us would think about our monetary investments and look for returns on those investments but we never look at investing time to better ourselves. Invest time in yourself and changing yourself for the better now, at this moment and reap its return in the year to come.

If not you who? If not now when?


Long Yun Siang July 2009


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