50 Ways to be a Better Relief Teacher HTML version

5 0 W A Y S T O B E A B E T T E R R E L I E F T E A C H E R
Index of Articles.
Allow TIME to TALK., 10
Allow Time to THINK, 7
Anticipate Compliance, 19
Avoid going for the throat FIRST!, 23
Keep a sense of HUMOUR, 33
Keep the STORM on the horizon, 35
Keep the STUDENTS learning
through Active Engagement,
Keep the turkeys from flying., 17
Keep your instruction DIRECT, 22
Keep your language supportive and
corrective., 4
Know when to IGNORE., 27
Balance the lesson., 34
Be pragmatic., 8
Be prepared. Have a time out area
ready., 18
Be visible in the classroom, 13
Build your lesson, 11
Make sure the MAIN thing is the
main THING., 3
Making Learning Rewarding., 16
Manage the interruptions., 12
Model behavior., 26
Close your requests with the
appropriate language., 19
Consider group work as an option, 5
Control the movement., 17
Dear Mum,, 39
Develop Collaborative Learning
Situations, 32
Develop Cooperative Learning
Situations, 31
Differentiate between discipline and
managing behaviour, 20
Direct the learning to the
Disregard the secondary behaviours,
Distract – Diffuse – Disperse., 24
Don’t give out all the information –
every time., 4
Draw a picture of you NOW., 39
Never make it PERSONAL, 26
Only accept a high standard of work.,
Peer Tutoring, 35
Provide a FOCUS point in the
classroom, 12
Put learning into practice, 9
SCORE of understanding, 38
Set the classroom up for success, 15
Share your learning process, 10
Stop on my SIGNAL, 20
Teach on the Move, 33
Ticket to leave., 40
Explain it to ME, 38
Investigations are powerful learning
opportunities., 6
Use the assertive “I message”, 25