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visible to everyone.

Keep your daily plan in front of the kids at al times.

This wil show the kids that you are organised and that you mean business.

A PowerPoint with a hyper link to the lessons is a great organiser.



5 0 W A Y S T O B E A B E T T E R R E L I E F T E A C H E R

Ways to be better at Outcome Management

s a relief teacher you are not directly accountable for the long term success of your students. You are probably not going to be there A long enough anyway.

But, do you know how kids suddenly become motivated if they know something is going to be tested or assessed?

Well, they do the opposite for some relief teachers because they know that they are NOT going to be assessed or tested. What they learn on your watch will probably be retaught by their regular teacher.

So what is the motivation for them to learn?

Yeah! I know what you are saying. Intrinsic value of learni… BLAH!


You need to stamp your authority (not literally) and make your students understand that you are going to value add to their day and you WILL be making certain they understand, achieve, improve, recognise success during your watch.

So there…




5 0 W A Y S T O B E A B E T T E R R E L I E F T E A C H E R

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