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the main THING.

Always keep focused on the MAIN outcome of your lesson. This should be clearly established in your own mind well before you start the lesson. Write the answer to this question somewhere in your diary, “At the end of this lesson I want kids to …”

The value of being a relief teacher is that you don’t have to use the current jargon. Just use plain English to answer this question.

If you want children to

 write good sentences or publish a story or learn how to use capitals letters or find x in an equation,

then make certain all

 your language, all your praise and all your effort clearly focuses on this goal.

Don’t make a big deal about anything else such as handwriting/bookwork.

Certainly, make passing comments as needed but don’t dwell.






5 0 W A Y S T O B E A B E T T E R R E L I E F T E A C H E R

Keep your language