50 Ways to be a Better Relief Teacher HTML version

5 0 W A Y S T O B E A B E T T E R R E L I E F T E A C H E R
Ways to be better at Classroom Management
he classroom is vital to the learning environment. The order, the processes,
the procedures. Obviously the good classroom teacher will have these
completely ingrained in the students. So when a stranger (you) comes in to
disrupt their world you can expect, “We don’t do it that way.”
And the students are perfectly entitled to be protective of their classroom. So be
prepared to ask the students about procedural matters.
Don’t feel threatened if your way is the wrong way – because it is different to
their usual practice.
Never force the issue by saying, “Well we are going to do it my way.”
If there is conflict between you and their regular teacher, they will REJECT YOU!