50 Ways to Save Money


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After studying personal finance and budgeting strategies, I noticed that a lot of the advice out there relied on people being able to make long-term adjustments to their lifestyles, like downgrading to a smaller house, or selling their car. While these are great ideas, they aren't very helpful for people who need ways to change their financial footprint immediately. So, I decided to pull together a report that will give you some concrete ways to start cutting costs TODAY. In this short report, you will find 50 ways to save money in a variety of ways – things you can do starting today.

Orestes Castillo

great book with lots of useful tips

sharifah fatimah

love all the tips!=)


a good book that helped me alot

Charlotte Royaumeuni

Not really useful. Most of it is simple common sense.


Great book...easy reading with lots of good information.

Leonard Nte Onwe

The author has an excellent grasp of the subject matter. great job.

Tanya Rognoni

short but to the point...leaves you wanting more...

Rahul Chugh Aroraa

A Great Read. Liked the ideas. God bless you!Rahul - India


Todd Adams

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