50 Toughest Job Interview Questions HTML version

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Introduction to the 50 most common and hardest interview
questions and their model answers
Without further ado let’s look at the 50 most difficult interview
questions and their model answers........
In nearly all cases an interviewer will ask similar questions. It
doesn't matter whether you are going for a minimum wage job or
a senior position in a Fortune 500 company. It is just a question of
context although of course the replies will vary.
Interviewing is not just about answering questions. It is about
answering questions well and most importantly showing your self
in the best possible light. If you find yourself answering with a
blunt ‘yes’ or ‘no’ then you need to realise that you are missing an
opportunity to sell yourself.
The interviewer is looking to assess your strengths, weaknesses,
professionalism and suitability. IF you give closed single word
replies then you stand no chance of persuading them to take the
risk on you.
Of course if you get asked a question and you don’t have an
answer this will harm your application. So we have prepared the
top 50 most common and hardest interview questions which you
are ever likely to face.
By reading through these you will find that the way you answer a
question is one of the keys to a successful interview. An interview