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5 top tourism attractions in Halong
Halong Bay is by far one of the most popular for tourist from all over the world,
with its peaceful scenery, splendid limestone, pristine beaches, azure water
and harmonious blend of mountain and sea. Most of tourist choose to stay on a
cruise ship to discover Halong Bay. When the ship is in midst of Halong Bay, it
offer an extraordinary vibe of Halong. There are some places you must visit in
your itinerary in order to get the most of your traveling experience in Halong,
Tuan Chau entertainment center
Tuan Chau is the biggest entertainment center of Tuan Chau island – a mustvisit
destination in Halong Bay. With a wide range of hotels, restaurants and many
more under construction, Tuan Chau is growing rapidly. Tuan Chau themselves
does offer gracious amenities and entertainment activities including Dolphin and
Seagull performance, water music performance, outdoor playgrounds, etc..