5-Minute Better Abs Exercise Program HTML version

5 Min Abs Workout Program
Hi and welcome to your workout. Before you start please remember that if you haven’t exercised
before or haven’t exercised in the last year, consult your doctor before starting any exercise
program. If you feel any discomfort or pain during the workout STOP the workout and seek
professional medical advice. Make sure you follow recommendations to avoid injury. However as
with any exercise program there is a risk of injury. By continuing to follow this exercise plan you
agree to release and discharge LyteFit.com from all responsibilities and liabilities from injury
arising from your participation in the exercises or advice obtained from this publisher.
Welcome to your exercises from LyteFit.com. We are dedicated to providing you
with the best possible outcomes for you health and fitness.
Our exercises are designed to maximally work your abs from all angles. We have
selected the top 10 favorites for maximizing your abs workout.
Each exercise targets a slightly different part of the abdominal muscles and the
You will find the exercises easy to follow. This program comes with a free video,
go to this URL to view your free accompanying video.
Watch the video carefully for information on how to do the exercise and how fast
to do them.
For best results stick to the following workout guide for implementing these
exercises into your daily routine.
The table below outlines how many times you will do the workout during the
week. We have provided a month program for you. Follow this for gaining better
abs strength and better toned stomach.
When you have completed the 4 weeks you can continue with these exercises
each day to maintain your gains in strength.