49 Muscle - Building FAQ's HTML version

How much rest between sets?
As much as you need. You should allow your body to recover between sets
and let your breathing return too normal. Usually 1 to 2 minutes sometimes
you'll need 3 or more minutes to recover, it depends on the exercise and how
hard you pushed yourself.
Should I warm up?
Yes you should warm up, it is very important that you do, but just don't
spend half the day doing so. A few light muscle stretches followed by a
couple of light sets of the first exercise you are going to do that day. Then
stretch again in between those light sets.
Should I stretch between sets?
You should stretch between sets on your first exercise only. Don't over do the
stretching, the idea is to loosen up muscle for heavy lifts, not burn out muscle
before you execute heavy lifts.
Should I workout at home or join a gym?
It's a matter of personal preference really. Do you like the gym atmosphere or
would you rather the privacy of your own home. 3 questions to consider: Can
you really concentrate at home to lift really heavy? have you someone there
to help? Have you got enough weights and equipment? If you've answered
yes then maybe you could train at home for a while and see how you get
on, otherwise I think the gym would be a better option for you.
Do I need a fitness trainer?
You could consider a fitness trainer if you find that no matter what you try to
do, you are not getting the results you desire. If you find that you cannot
concentrate on your workouts then you could consider hiring a personal
trainer for a time.