48-Hour Affiliate HTML version

Many – and I mean many – Internet marketers have gotten their start
through affiliate marketing. Consider this – you can start making money
without creating a product, without dealing with support nightmares and
even without a website. And you can get started immediately.
You get paid by bringing buyers to sellers. When they buy, you get a “piece
of the action” -- called a commission. So, if a prospect buys a $50 product,
and the product pays 50% commission – you will make $25.
In other words, you are like a commission-only salesperson. Except that
you don't have to do all the selling – or, often, much selling at all. You don't
have to do take any “orders”. You don't have to meet prospects “face-to-
face.” All you have to do, often, is simply introduce interested people to
the product. And it all happens online.
Considering that you can advertise on the Internet often for free or very
inexpensively, it may be the perfect place to start, or expand, your efforts in
creating an online income and an Internet business.
With no floors to sweep, no insurance to pay and advertising that can work
for you 24 hours a day – it can easily become a fairly passive income. One
you can start up while still showing up at the day job – or, when sufficient,
taking “the rest of the day off” -- nearly every day.
Let's get started...