455 Leadership Quotes: Lessons From 2012’s Top Christian Conference Speakers HTML version

455 Leadership Quotes:
Lessons From 2012’s Top Christian
Conference Speakers
You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! Or can you?
How much leadership can you handle? How much can you process? More importantly, how
much of this leadership knowledge can you actually implement?
As a member of Injoy Stewardship Solutions, I am privileged to have a unique seat into which to
watch how the Christian community carries out its unique calling. My job each day is to speak
with pastors of growing churches and discuss their successes, challenges, and dreams. I have
learned how many high-capacity leaders think while also marveling at their passion and love for
those in their churches. I deeply love, admire, and respect pastors and church leaders.
I also attend a number of popular Christian conferences.
No one can take in all that God is doing. I don’t have to tell you that He is simply too big, too
awesome, too powerful for anyone to take it all in. Our finite minds simply lack the capacity for
the size and scope needed to understand such things. However, I have tried to be a good steward
of what He has revealed in my life. That act of stewardship has been made available for you in
this eBook.
The following pages contain 455 quotes from 10 conferences featuring over 20 of the world’s
most effective Christians leaders. The names read like a Who’s Who of Christian leadership –
Chan, Stanley, Hybels, Giglio, Noble, Ortberg, and Groeschel just to name a few. Many of those
featured are people I know personally and they are leaders worth listening to and following.
It will take you about 10 minutes to read this eBook, at least 10 months to fully process its
lessons, and a lifetime to implement.
It is a price worth paying because the redemptive work of the local church is worth it. So enjoy
and let’s get started!
Finally, if you are not a regular reader of Brian Dodd On Leadership, please know we would be
honored to join our tribe of like-minded leaders who are hoping to maximize our potential, live a
life of significance, and change the world.