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The fact is that you need support and one of the reasons there
are so many weight loss programs is that they do something a
little different, they have meetings and people get together and
support each other.
When you gauge how much weight people lose on weight loss
programs like Optifast or Atkins and whether they keep it off, all
of those people probably within a 5 year period have gained all
that weight back because they have lost their support group.
It speaks volumes to me that if people are going to lose weight
and keep it off they need a support group. You should not be on a
diet to lose weight, you need to be making a lifestyle change.
It means finding new ways of eating and develop new habits even
for your everyday activities so that the new way you are eating
becomes your new lifestyle.
The Best Way To Change Bad Eating Habits
The best way to change your bad eating habits is to do it very
slowly. If you try to change everything all at once, it will seem
too hard to maintain. Try changing one thing at a time. For