43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed HTML version

example some breads have added fiber, to make it healthier.
Food preservatives have been included in the manufacturing
process as a necessity to make sure that the food is not rotten
and moldy by the time the food gets to you. Have you ever
cooked bread from scratch – you’ll find that it doesn’t store as
long as the commercially made breads.
Not all food processing is bad. Typically when fruit or vegetables
are cooked it will lose some of its nutrients, but some
manufacturers will actually add these nutrients back into the food
to compensate.
Does food lose its nutritive value over time?
They can and can’t. Take a drink product that claims to have
Vitamin C in it.
The manufacturer of this drink has to put an average of that
vitamin in the product because some of the vitamins will
deteriorate over a period of time. Depending on the temperature
of the storage of the product, usually the higher the temperature
or the longer the storage time, the more of the vitamin will end
up deteriorating.