43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed HTML version

When you look at the labels, look at what percentage of the RDI
(recommended daily intake) of each vitamin or mineral is
included in the supplement. If you see 100% beside one of those
vitamins or minerals then you know that taking that supplement
will provide 100% for that particular vitamin or mineral. If you
intend to eat that day as well as take the supplement, you could
be over-dosing yourself on that particular vitamin or mineral.
Or, if it says 150% or 500% then it is supplying 5 times more of
the nutrient than you really need. And all those levels are based
on typical values in our society. On an individual basis there may
be a person who needs more than that or someone who might
need even less than that. That’s when it becomes difficult to
know if you are getting the right amount of nutrients. This is
where it comes back to getting variety in your diet and eating
according to your lifestyle. People who have an active lifestyle
generally eat more than those who don’t, their body is ensuring
that it gets enough energy, vitamins and minerals to be able to
carry out it’s normal functioning.
What about water, how much water should we