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What should we know when purchasing a
vitamin and mineral supplement ?
You know supplements can be expensive. It depends on the
kind of vitamins and minerals you are talking about.
Vitamins break down into water soluble and fat-soluble. Typically
there is more concern with the fat soluble vitamins (A,D, E & K)
because they are not excreted from your body, unlike the water
soluble vitamins like B and C, the excess will get flushed but with
the fat soluble vitamins the excess is retained in your body.
That can get to be a problem if you are for some strange reason
taking excessive amounts of let’s say vitamin D for example.
There is no official figure for how much vitamin D you need, but it
should be somewhere in the vicinity of 5 mcg – 10 mcg at the
most. For those who don’t get exposure to sunlight, you can get
vitamin D in cod-liver oil but be careful not to consume more
than 20mcg’s.
Vitamin D is toxic at very low levels, so having too much in your