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Table of Contents


The Basics Of Nutrition

What is nutrition?

Good nutrition based on certain foods?

Nutrients and food stuffs

Breaking Years Of Bad Habits

Changing Bad Eating Habits

Overweight families.

Emotions and Lifestyle

Diet and Nutrition

So what is a calorie (cal) ?

What is a carbohydrate ?

What are fat and protein ?

Can you eat more and lose weight by combining foods ?

Are there any specific foods that burn fat ?

Should we be counting calories, carbohydrates or fat ?

Is it true that you should only drink red wine ?

What is a well balanced diet and do I get one ?

Why do we crave certain foods ?

Do we become hungry because our stomach’s are empty?

What are functional foods ?

Does functional food convert differently into energy ?

Are certain nutrients good for your health ?

What are basic nutrients ?

What is a non-nutrient ?


What happens to food after we eat it ?

Do we always absorb all the nutrients that we eat ?


What about red meat is bad for you ?

What are some of the other sources of protein ?

Is a vegan diet healthy ?


Are there good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates ?

Vitamins and Minerals

Do we need to take a supplement ?

As you age, do you need a vitamin supplement ?

What should we know when purchasing a supplement ?

How much water should we consume ?

Is Our Food Supply Healthy ?

How healthy is our food ?

Does food processing take the nutrients out of the food ?

Does food lose its nutritive value over time ?

How Are Our Food Products Developed ?

The process that new food products go through

Do new food products have to presented to the FDA ?

How long does it take for products to be developed ?

Testing of a new drug or food product.


Do you think I should use diet pills ?

What are some of the risks involved ?

What should we look for in a weight loss program ?

What weight loss programs do you recommend ?