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carbohydrate diets and high carbohydrate diets and their effects
on BMI, energy intake and diet quality. The study concluded that
those who were eating a vegetarian diet had low BMI’s and ended
up eating less energy. (Kennedy et. al Popular Diets: Correlation
to Health, Nutrition and Obesity. J. Am. Diet. Assoc. 2001 Apr.
101(4) 411-20). There is something to be said for it but it comes
down to knowledge and balancing. You have to be cautious when
starting a vegetarian diet and you need to make sure you are
knowledgeable about it.
It’s harder to get the adequate amount of B vitamins on a
vegetarian diet and you have to know which foods to eat to get
the right amount of vitamins and minerals. So you know which
vegetables to eat and how much to eat in order to get the
amount of protein that you need.
Is it true that there are good carbohydrates
and bad carbohydrates?
In a word, yes. There is a such a thing as good carbohydrates