43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed HTML version

down food and caffeine can reduce your body’s absorption of
iron. Stress can also play a role in not allowing your body to
absorb all the nutrients available to it. So if you want your body
to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients, keep caffeine and
alcohol intake to moderate levels. You can probably still have
your morning coffee, but make sure that it is spaced at least an
hour away from breakfast.
Going back to protein, what is it about red
meat that doctors say is bad for you?
Fatty meats or red meats are typically higher in fat and the fat is
generally a higher saturated fat than say, poultry. It would be the
saturated fat in the meat that doctors are advising against.
To make a blanket statement that red meat is bad for you would
be overkill. Even though they may contain higher levels of
saturated fat, red meat still has high levels of the essential amino
acids, that your body needs to survive.