43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed HTML version

problems. Let’s take something common like lactose intolerance,
people have trouble digesting the lactose because they are
missing an enzyme called lactaid. So an example of a functional
food would be a food that was put together without any milk
protein or lactose sugar. It functions with that person who is
lactose intolerant. You can take that example and apply it to
anyone else who has special feeding needs.
Does functional food convert differently into
energy than normal food?
No, functional food behaves the same way as normal food as far
as converting into energy. Functional foods are still broken down
into their respective nutrients and provide energy, it’s just that
their specific nutrients have been seen to be beneficial in certain
areas for certain members of the population.
Nutrients decrease the risk of some diseases,
is that correct? In other words you can’t eat a
magic vegetable to cure cancer but you can eat
certain nutrients that lend themselves to good