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guides you to the foods you are used to consuming.
An example of that would be someone who has gone on a
vegetarian diet and eliminated meat from their diet temporarily.
Then they start to reintroduce meat and their stomach is upset.
Their stomach is not used to digesting that kind of food. They
have adapted to digesting just non-meat items. There are food
digestive adaptations to the kinds of food that you eat. One
would have to believe that those are the kinds of foods that you
get used to.
Do we become hungry because our stomach is
empty or is it because of something else?
That is a tricky question. There are people who have studied this
and can boil it right down to all kinds of enzymes and
mechanisms that kick into play, stimulating appetite or
depressing appetite.
When I go out to exercise and I get back and sit down, I need to
replenish my water intake. The next thing that I find is I find a