43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed HTML version

Sesame Street and they were talking about the Cookie Monster
and how it was presented inadvertently to get kids to eat more
junk food and more cookies. Now they have repositioned that
whole program to where they are starting to teach kids more
about nutrition. I am hoping that one of the things that is
happening is that there is increased awareness about nutrition
and the obesity epidemic. Some people are just succumbing to
obesity and the things that come with it like cancer and heart
disease and diabetes. It’s good to see some positive changes
taking place.
Why is it that we sometimes crave certain
foods? Can it be that your body is sending you
a message?
The theory is that people will have a craving for certain things
that will provide a nutrient that is lacking.
In our culture I don’t think there is a metabolic reason for food
cravings. You know if you are used to consuming sugary sweets
and that is all you eat, your metabolism adapts and your body