43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed HTML version

wasn’t that much variety.
People generally have a dozen foods they like to eat and they will
end up eating the same foods day after day for most of their life
and that is where you run into problems. You get stuck in a rut
and fail to incorporate a vast variety into your diet and fail to get
the nutritional balance that you should be getting.
If you know nothing about food but incorporate a lot of variety of
fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, dairy, protein sources, small
amount of Ðgood“ fats, and legumes and nuts into your diet the
chances of your missing out on the right nutrients essential for
good health are lowered.
When it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables, some people like to
use a diet out there called the Rainbow diet. It’s based on all the
different colors of fruits and vegetables. So I will take purple
grapes and onions and garlic and sprinkle some lettuce and if we
have fresh strawberries I will add those to cantaloupe and really
your imagination is your only limitation. Just basically add all
your favorite fruits and vegetables and season it to taste. Mix it
all up and you have an incorporation of all of that variety. You