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Researchers are constantly looking for foods that could burn fat.
Some of them concentrate on milk and dairy products that have
been theorized to burn fat through increasing inadequate calcium
intake. Some concentrate on finding a specific diet that will burn
fat like a high protein diet. While there is evidence for and
against – it has never been proven beyond a doubt that there is
any one type of food or type of eating that can burn fat.
When it comes down to it, it is a marketing myth that just got so
large that everyone started to talk about it, and pretty soon,
people started to believe that food could burn fat.
In reality food provides energy and nutrients, but cannot burn
fat. You can read more at the website about this subject at
Then what should we be counting? Should we
be counting calories, carbohydrates or fat?
If you look at carbohydrates and fat, it is the same scenario.
Each gram of carbohydrates contains 16 kcal of energy, while fat
contains 37 kcal of energy. This is why watching how much fat