43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed HTML version

everything they can about these patients. They will feed these
people a controlled diet – controlling the amount of protein
consumed. They can measure how much is excreted, how much
weight a person gains and basically they can determine how
much of that protein is utilized by the body.
When they do that they can determine the quality of the protein
and the amino acids that makes up the protein. They can
determine how well the body absorbs protein and assign a
number value to the protein as to how well it is absorbed.
Some proteins are absorbed extremely well, an example would be
egg albumin, which is a protein found in the white of an egg
rather than the yolk. The egg white protein has an extremely
high biological availability and all of the essential amino acids in
the right balance.
Gelatin though has many of the essential amino acids however
does not have an amino acid called tryptophan and because it is
lacking - it isn’t considered a complete form of protein. If it is
combined with other sources of protein it is okay.