43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed HTML version

Carbohydrates, fats and protein can all be broken down into
smaller units.
Each one of those macronutrients can be sub-divided. In the case
of proteins, proteins are made up of amino acids. Not all proteins
have the eight essential amino acids that the body needs. If you
are consuming protein and you miss out the essential ones for
long periods of time, you are putting yourself at risk of becoming
malnourished. In some cultures around the world where food
isn’t so plentiful, children can become malnourished and develop
diseases such as Kwashiorkor. The children have the distended
tummies, however the rest of their bodies are fine, this
unfortunately is caused by a protein deficiency.
Scientists can actually measure the quality of nutrients that
people are getting. People will volunteer to be involved in a
clinical feeding trial and they will hook these people up to all
kinds of measuring devices to measure everything from body
temperature to how much moisture they exhale.
They weigh and eliminate brine in their feces and record