43 Great Cocktails HTML version

Apple cocktail
Ingredients: Almond, Amaretto, Apple Schnaps, Coffee Liquer (Kalua), Lime, Orange
Juice, Pineapple Juice
Apple cocktail
Black Russian
Ingredients: Vodka, Coffee Liquer (Kalua)
Stir 4cl vodka with 2cl coffee liqueur into a whiskey glass. Add ice.
Bloody Mary
Ingredients: , Worcester Sauce, Tabasco, Tomato Juice, Lemon
4cl Vodka, 1cl lemon juice, salt, 1 dash of Worcestersauce, 1 dash of Tabasco, black
pepper, 10cl tomato juice in shaker. Shake well and pour it in a cocktail glass filled
with some ice.
Blue Angel
Ingredients: Curacao Blue, Champagner
2cl Curacao Blue into a champagner glass. Fill up with champagner.
Brave Bull
Ingredients: Tequila, Coffee Liquer (Kalua)
Stamper: 1cl Tequila, 1cl Kalua.
Ingredients: Lemon, Cachaca (Pitu)
Put 2 lemons in eighth cutted into a whiskey glass and mash them. 2 tea-spoons of
brown sugar, 4 cl Cachaca (Pitu), fill up with crushed ice.
Ingredients: , Eggnog, Lemon, Orange Juice
3cl Vodka, 2cl egg liqueur (Eierlikoer), 2cl lemon juice, 4cl orange juice with ice in
shaker, shake well and pour in a collins glass filled with ice. Drinking straw.