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40 years / 40 años / 40 ans
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40 YEARS / 40 AÑOS / 40 ANS
Copyright © 2010 Marie Lebert
—-A trilingual ebook to celebratethe 40 years (1971-2011)of Project Gutenberg,born on July 4, 1971,with
celebrationsduring the whole year 2011.
—-Un ebook trilingüe para celebrarlos 40 años (1971-2011)del Proyecto Gutenberg,nacido el 4 de julio de
1971,con celebracionesdurante todo el año 2011.
—-Un ebook trilingue pour célébrerles 40 ans (1971-2011)du Projet Gutenberg,né le 4 juillet 1971,avec des
célébrationspendant toute l'année 2011.
[en] Overview[es] Sumario[fr] Sommaire
[en] Project Gutenberg is 40 years old[es] El Proyecto Gutenberg tiene 40 años[fr] Le Projet Gutenberg a
40 ans
[en] From the past to the future[es] Desde el pasado hacia el futuro[fr] Du passé vers l'avenir
[en] Project Gutenberg and languages[es] El Proyecto Gutenberg y los idiomas[fr] Le Projet Gutenberg et
les langues
[en] Distributed Proofreaders is 10 years old[es] Distributed Proofreaders tiene 10 años[fr] Distributed
Proofreaders a 10 ans
[en] Acknowledgements[es] Agradecimientos[fr] Remerciements
The first ebook was available on July 4, 1971, as eText #1 of ProjectGutenberg, a visionary project
launched by Michael Hart to create freeelectronic versions of literary works and disseminate them
worldwide.In the 16th century, Gutenberg allowed anyone to have print books for asmall cost. In the 21st
century, Project Gutenberg would allow anyoneto have a digital library at no cost. Project Gutenberg got its
firstboost with the invention of the web in 1990, and its second boost withthe creation of Distributed
Proofreaders in 2000, to share theproofreading of ebooks between hundreds of volunteers. In 2010,
ProjectGutenberg offered more than 33,000 high-quality ebooks being downloadedby the tens of thousands
every day, and websites in the United States,in Australia, in Europe, and in Canada, with 40 mirror sites
This trilingual (English, Spanish, French) ebook is meant to celebratethe 40th anniversary of Project
Gutenberg, with four parts:# Project Gutenberg is 40 years old# From the past to the future# Project
Gutenberg and languages# Distributed Proofreaders is 10 years old