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A breezy autumn morning on a family villa, clean and painted for a marriage. Rooms filled with guests. Various rooms assigned to guests who came till last night. Few people having tea in the lawn. Abandoned corridors in the villa some guests are still asleep. In the last room of corridor to the west of the villa.

Smartphone ringing on the nightstand. A blond women sleeping on bed, wakes up and picks and receives and says “Hallo.”

From cell phone Steve replies,“Hi Edda, sorry for disturbing you if you were asleep.”

Edda replies breathing out exhausting in a sarcastic manner “No, Idiot I was in coma thanks for saving me.”

Steve replies “I am sorry for waking you up.”

Edda replies “No, thank you, alarm clock for waking me at 6:58 am, I forgot to set one on the nightstand for 7:00 am.”

Steve from the smartphone says, “Honey I am sorry for what happened” Pause “I thought she was you.”

Edda adding to it “Steve, it was last month, our relationship is history”.

Steve on the phone, “Wait! You said you wished to break up last night around 10 o' clock it have not even been 12hrs.”

Edda replies yelling at him, “F.Y.I it's 1st today and alcohol can be an excuse to do naughty things with your date not with some other girl at the Disco” pause for few seconds and adding to her sentence Edda speaks In her arrogant tone “I am at my sister's marriage see you after 3days. Better you move on. Bye-bye, Do not call me back.”

Edda cancels the call with a beep and places the cell phone on the nightstand.

Suddenly gate of her room opens and Sybylla enters the room 'Heard you yelling, are you awake'.

Edda in a warning tone, “Seriously, I am yelling and you are still asking if I am awake”.

Sybylla excited , “So guess what I and Carlos decided.”

Edda desperately 'Please just say you did not chose blossoms over Hawaii for your honeymoon'.

Sybylla speaks in a monotonous tone moving towards the rooms window in open it to allow some fresh air in, “Sorry to disappoint you sister.”

Edda sits straight on bed trying to manipulate her sisters choice and advising along with hand gestures, “Why will you like to ruin your honeymoon on a bunch of barren Island.”

Sybylla standing close to the window in a defending tone and trying to show her dominance, “Hey it’s me and my husband’s honeymoon and that place is new and romantic and it can be more memorable, as we will be doing different and it has a new facilities and it's not barren.”

Edda disappointed but still curiously asks, “Like what new facilities.”

Sybylla replies in a funny way moving towards the door to exit the room, “Go on their website or Google, they have photos video and all details.”

Edda speaks Sybylla, “Hey do you still have the contact of your slut friend.”

Sybylla stops suddenly and turns back and says in a stunned manner, “Who?”

Edda giving a hint to her sister with a naughty smile, “

one we used to flush away Jeremy.”

Sybylla in clear voice, “Are you blackmailing me to negotiate and manipulate Carlos to change the choice from Love blossoms to ha.....” Edda interrupts in between saying, “No, no, no, no, no....! I need to flush Steve.”

Sybylla in a pity tone, “Is he that bad.” Edda replies along with her memories, “well he is kind of jerk in everything except for bed. He has a little talent for it but,” Sybylla interrupted, “you wanna do pros and cons.” Edda nods in an agreement and Sybylla is ready to count. Sybylla turning back and standing leaned from the shoulder side on the door and says, “Go ahead.” Edda takes a deep breath and starts, “Pro's - I think the time is perfect, I am on my way to a good enough trip to forget him, no more public humiliation , gives me freedom to fish another guy.” Sybylla interrupts, “Oh.. Ho,” adding in giggling speech, “Is the last pros reason to flush him and you willing Hawaii for my honeymoon over Love blossoms.”

Edda getting out of the bed sealing tight her night gown in a childish attitude,“Maybe.” adding up the things in her defence. “Hey anyways you own me a trip from two years ago to somewhere nice in tropics where I can get some tan and you dragged it till here, from the flush of Jack, Brady and Jeremy and then you took my help in bonding with Carlos.” Moving to the door towards Sybylla, Edda goes on speaking, “Now it's your marriage, then my ticket is useless because you will be playing the baby and family card.” Both the sisters start walking together in the corridor Edda heading to the washroom while Sybylla to check her wedding decorations, just before the both young ladies get apart Sybylla interrupts trying to remind Edda and to get some credit in the deed, “Yeah! You used my friend Rebecca, and she is an actor trying to be model not what you think.” Edda gave a quick response, “Yeah! Rebecca. She is the lady, I need her number here take the cell.” Saying this Edda tosses the smartphone to Sybylla and she grabs it like a softball with one hand. And both the sisters got apart to complete the assigned tasks for the marriage preparations.

Later that day at the lunchtime when entire members of house were divided to teams they were going to have their lunch in shifts due to insufficient space in dining room. Edda took her plate of sandwiches after finishing the meal as the shift ended and went to the lawn to start the work on the plan to flush Steve, she took a seat on the tea table and looking to the horizon blocked by trees, she started nibbling on a the sandwiches when she heard some footsteps closing in and before she could turn around to get a glance of who it was, a hand holding her smartphone came in front of her face, it was Sybylla, a grin covered her face knowing that things were going as she desired. Edda try to snatch her phone but Sybylla keeps that smartphone back in her pockets and then sits on the nearby chair.

Sybylla in a curious tone, “You want to do con's before you flush him,”

Edda replies, “Don't see a senses in it still you want to know.” pause “Con's - He checks out every other girl passing by, he does not know the border between being friendly and being flirty, he cannot control himself when he gets wasted.” paused and Edda is pondering in her thoughts, “and last night in disco we were drunk I said I was leaving and I almost left but returned back from parking lot to invite him on your wedding and I find him smooching other girl very passionately. I slap him to check his consciousness level and his face clearly says he was planning to make out with her. In his defence he said he was thinking he was giving me a good bye kiss.”

Sybylla in a confident tone taking Edda's side, “I lost the count, flush him.” Sybylla adding to it “We need someone to go and finalize the order at the catering in town and return back with the wedding costume and stuff we ordered which have arrived.”

Edda in a volunteering tone, “I will do it.” Sybylla in a questioning tone, “who is going to handle your tasks here?”

Edda in a funny tone, “I had task, your fiancé’s cousin brother fancies me and in a try to impress me he just tried to took some load of my hands , the task of arrangement of furniture which was on my today's schedule is his.”

Sybylla in aggressive tone, “No, stop doing it. I do not want to give any reason to piss Carlos off,” Edda in a cooling down and reassuring tone, “Do not worry, he told it to keep confidential and that guy also has a furniture business, he knows lot about it, “Sybylla in a hasty tone “OK, here is the written order of catering and the address which I hope you do not need and you know from where to collect the dresses.”

Edda nods in agreement to her words and adding to her last statement Sybylla speaks, “Here is your smartphone, good luck with flushing Steve and make sure you return by tonight.” Saying this Sybylla places the smartphone on the tea table and without hovering leaves the lawn and Edda alone and goes back in the villa.

Edda still nibbling on her sandwiches picks the phone with her left hand gives few touches on screen and sends a call to Rebecca. Nibbling on her last sandwich and waiting for Rebecca to pick up the call. Few seconds later Rebecca attends the call and from cell phone Rebecca replies, “Hi, who is it?”

Edda replies, “It is me Edda, Sybylla's younger sister.”

Rebecca with a tone of doubt, “Who exactly?” Edda getting into her friendly tone, “It's Edda, codename -

Miss. Fixit ,A.K.A-The clinging Ex-boyfriend flusher'.

Rebecca in sudden tone of excitement, “Oh! It's you. But as I recall Sybylla had only one elder sister.” Edda surprised, “Well I am the dominant but the younger one and Sybylla is the elder one.” Rebecca guessing the reason for Edda's call, “Let me guess, you girls want my help in another flush, I thought Sybylla was getting married to Carlos, does she wants to flush Carlos too,”Edda in a rebellious tone along with disappointment. “No, this time it is me.” Rebecca trying to be a little bit funny, “Following in your sister’s footstep.” Edda in a defending tone, “It is not entirely true.”

Edda trying to convince Rebecca in a polite tone, “So, can you help me.” Rebecca, “Yeah I will be glad to, but you know I can always use some cash.” Edda in a passive tone,“How much?” Rebecca in a compulsive tone, “Well 50 for trying and giving my time before we get involve, 50 more if your job gets done successfully, + whatever amount you think can fade my memory nicely.” Edda placing an offer , “How about 150 if you do it tonight if you get an opportunity.” Rebecca, “Great, at what time.”

Edda in a glad tone, “How about I call you later once I am done collecting the dresses and placing the weddings reception order.” Rebecca in a tone of pleasure and moan, “It works for me, see ya.. Ahaha...., ok talk to your later bye.” Edda heard a giggling and females pleasures moan which was followed by beep of getting call disconnected and then with a nasty smile Edda removes the phone from her face wondering what might be Rebecca doing while she was talking to her. Edda goes back to her room and get dressed into a casual Tomboy outfit which she liked.

Few hours later Edda was in town in a minivan and had finished placing the orders and collecting the package of dresses, it was evening sun was already about to fall down behind the hills , thinking to call to Rebecca, in the parking lot she turns on her smartphone but first she decide and tries tracking down Steve's location . Of course Steve paired with her on a safety location tracking app made tracking a piece of cake for Edda it said Steve was at his usual bar at the border of the town.

Edda takes a pause just to make sure is she doing right then she plans how to execute it and sends the call to Rebecca. Rebecca on the phone hastily, “Hi, so where are we meeting.” Edda replies in her casual pace, “How about the usual Cafe where we met first at 4th dust tracks,” Rebecca, “Fine, Any idea where your target is.”

Edda in confidence, “I got scent of him.”

Few minutes later Edda is sitting alone at the cafe when a car pulls in from it a brunette lady , height 6.1 a figure of 35-28-38 comes out with a white skin tone which is a bit shaded and hidden by the fake tan used by her. She is wearing a red skirt and a sexy red top revealing her beautiful skinny legs and all of this wrapped up in a coat till her knee from outside. Her curly black hairs were a sure trap for men's which she used on special occasions.

And finally she is wearing some funky sunglasses which suits her style. The door from other side of the car opens and a another similar looking women comes out and she is dressed normal but this one is little short then Rebecca she is blond but resemble in other few characters with Rebecca.

Rebecca enters the cafe and the other blond girl follows her, Rebecca greets Edda with a fake smile and a hug.

Edda in a uncomfortable tone whispers to Rebecca, “

I thought we were going to be 50% share in this scandal, I did not know it was going to be 33.3333%.” Edda ending her sentence giving a glance and a smile to the blonde and whispering back again to Rebecca, “becca let me clear it already I am not having enough cash to seal other mouths except yours.” Rebecca trying to fix things up and clear Edda's doubt, “First, let me introduce you two.”

Rebecca to Edda, “Meet my new cousin sister, Eline.”

Then turning to Eline, “This is Edda the girl the one you were willing to meet.” Eline in a delightful voice, “You are unique, I never heard that a girl will do such thing, since it is a rare sight, I demanded can I see it too,” Edda defensively, “Not one of my hobby, but sometime you need to push a bit to clear clogging.”

Girls taking a seat Rebecca asks a bit eagerly, “How is it going to go this time, like your sister you are going to bust in and say it was a test and he failed or like before it that bust in and act surprised and then say he lost his last chance which you were thinking to give him.” Edda in depressed and passive tone, “No, it will be much hard.”

Rebecca in a bit of hast, “See I have only 1hr for you.”

Edda replies, “Can we go in your car, I am going to explain the script of our play on the way, to the bar.”

Eline in a hasty tone, “I will drive.”

5 minutes later Eline pulls car in the parking lot of the bar where Steve is present.

Edda, “Eline, here is his pic.” Showing Steve's pic with her from three days ago to Eline.” Eline in a random response, “You two look cute together.” Edda in a arrogant tone, “Seriously.” Eline gets forwarded that pic to her smartphone giving reason she is not good at remembering face. And leaves the car to enter to the bar to verify if Steve is still inside and if he is there, then where is he still sitting.

At that moment in the car Edda questions to Rebecca, “What do you think?” Rebecca without paying much attention to Edda and giving herself last touch of makeup to get herself ready for show, “About what?” Edda asks, “What if Eline liked Steve in pic, I just showed her?”

Rebecca stunned for a second and then defending her sister says, “Why does it matters or bothers you, you have already decided to get rid of him from your life.

Don't tell me your guards are getting up now.”

Edda in a clear response, “That is not the point, just do not want this all to blow on my face.” Rebecca trying to comfort Edda a bit, “Eline is smart enough, I can assure you it will not blow on your face but I cannot guarantee if Eline tries to go for your guy after you flush him successfully.”

Edda in a careless tone, “That will not bother me, I want to get rid of him making him realize his mistakes but still not shattering his hearts to pieces.” Rebecca says a “hum...” in agreement to Edda. Edda adding to her sentence, “But still give him a little taste of punishment.”

Eline returning from the bar and moving towards the car, She has a hidden smile and little blush on her face. Edda picks that expression instantly as Eline is next to the van and says, “You liked him didn't you, I sent you to check his presence in there not to check him out.” Edda ends her sentence with a smile.

Eline in her defense, “Why, Are you jealous? You already have lost feeling for him.” Edda gives an expression that everything is fine to Rebecca, who was about to poke her nose to defend her sister. Edda clearing her point. “Eline I do not care if you two go on date or even hook up.”

pause for a second, “just do not let this get blown on my face at this moment, once I clear my break up with him in person, he is all yours.” Eline agrees and gives nod in agreement and with a smile of satisfaction. Eine to Rebecca,“He is the only guy sitting next to bartender.”

Edda speaks, “OK, girl let us start the act.” Rebecca and Eline give a nod and then Rebecca closes her makeup kit and makes her way out of car and then enters bar, while Eline and Edda gets close to another vehicle near the window of bar to get a look inside and to keep an eye on Rebecca and wait for her signal.

Inside the bar evening time all lights are turned on bartender arranging the bottles and getting the place ready as it was going to be a big night with drinks and lots of man's as it was going to be a soccer game night.

Still almost whole bar was empty. Steve was sitting on a stool next to bartender he was having his 2nd bottle of beer and trying to show off a charm of being a lonely lion like a beast with no boundaries on his face confident in himself and showing off how much he embrace being single no matter how much he desire to with Edda .

Without any idea, that how a tsunami is going to whoop his bottom in next few minutes when he will have no choice then to actually embrace being single.

Rebecca enters the bar with a constant pace covered in her shiny black coat and wearing a brown cowboy hat from her collection. Her long curly hairs covered hat from top and from behind inside her coat and her hands are covered by shiny red gloves, she has her purple handbag in her left arms and she is wearing a pair of black high heels.

As soon as she enters she catches the eye of Steve, slowly she walks towards Steve and takes the stool on right to which Steve was sitting. Steve is constantly looking at her with his side vision and facing towards the turned on television placed a bit left to his front in the bar.

Rebecca places her handbag on the table and says, “A lemon drop martini.”

Bartender replies with a smile, “Sure madam.”

Rebecca in a seducing tone giving a look to Steve, “It's really warm in here as compared to outside.”

Steve's a bit glad but stunned by seeing that he is already getting attention, in hurry he nods his head and then says, “yes it is.” adding to his words trying be more affectionate with her, “Oh! Dear stay for few more hours it's a game night, this place is going to be crowded.”

Rebecca taking and after almost finishing half of her lemon drop martini in a hesitating tone, “Nope, I have to get back home in next 1/2 hr, and after having a ruined audition, I am not willing to pull this day any long.”

Steve in a sympathetic tone, “Well, I am sorry that happened to you, they just missed a diamond.”

Rebecca looks at Steve and gives a thankful smile back to him and Steve smiles back. Finding an excuse to share or buy her a drink.

Steve turns to her and blurts out, “I just had a ruined date last night leading to breakup this morning, how about 2 shots of mai tai to give our similar ruined past a fruity ending, the two shots are in my tab.”

Rebecca giving a lusty look and in alluring tone, “Ok! You read my mind!” saying this Rebecca opened her coats waist belt and loosened up herself and reveal the beautiful red top and getting his sight locked on her curves.

She knew he had a target lock on her and it could be anytime now that she would throw her last trap and signal to Edda to get on the stage and play her role.

Steve got exited from her instant and so alluring response and whatever his eyesight just discovered, he could not believe his fate would take such a nice turn.

But still not trying to be sudden he shifts his face again to the TV.

Rebecca knew at once he was trying to get away, and it was time to use her last weapon and take him down before he gains back his control. At that moment bartenders places the drinks in between them.

Steve goes to pick one slowly but Rebecca starts removing her coat and says, “Oh it’s really a mess wearing coats.” Steve picks his drink and holds it in hand looking at Rebecca as she removes her coat and reveal her waxed hands and fine white waxed legs. Rebecca folds her coat and removes her hat and put it next to her handbag on the table. And then she put her hands in her hairs and makes them fluffy.

This entire act leaves Steve with no other choice then to get involve with her. Then Rebecca grabs her drink which Steve is already holding for her unknowingly. In a sweet voice and sarcastic manner she says, “OK, cheers to a ruined date of....” Steve hastily adding to her words “Steve.”

Rebecca continues her sentence giving a fake name to herself, “and a ruined audition of Julie.” She ends her dialogue with a giggle and they both clink there glasses and have their drinks.

After one sip Rebecca does a few click (sending a message to Edda to come in) on smartphone which she pulls out of her coat and then puts it back in. Steve in a confident tone having eye contact with Rebecca, “Julie, it's a nice name. I had crush on a girl with same name when I was in school.” adding to his sentence clarifying “She was a blonde, but I love this name since then.”

Rebecca acting mesmerized in his words, “That is cute of you to remember her.”

Both Steve and Rebecca are facing each other and their faces not more than 1feet apart. At that moment Edda sneaks in like a shadow and takes the seat just behind Steve.

Steve being mesmerized by Rebecca does not want to lose eye contact with her does not cared to give an attention to who came inside.

Next thing steve goes forward to kiss Rebecca and before he could touch her lips or Rebecca would have pulled her head away to avoid his kiss a very familiar voice from behind echoed in his ears and hit him like the first wave of tsunami.

The familiar voice of Edda, “A lemon drop martini please.” Steve pauses from the kiss he was going for and at the moment Rebecca knew at that pause it was her queue to send in the second waves to wipe out his past relationship with Edda.

Rebecca puts her hands behind Steve's head and she pulls him in for a smooch. Steve tries to pull himself back up but for a second he feels like a shattered glass.

Getting his nerves back Steve pulls himself back up and removes Rebecca's hands from his shoulders, wrapping his head. Steve pushes Rebecca back a bit and turns back and sees Edda and is petrified and shocked for a second knowing how much destruction he just had.

Edda behind his back acting like she did not even cared what was he doing and did not even looked at him. Steve in a guilty voice, “Hi, what are you does here I thought you were at your sister’s wedding.”

Edda in a very pale tone, “I just came back to town to place the order of catering and collect dresses, was thinking of us and passing bye thought to come in and take a drink it used to be our usual bar, remember.”

Before Steve could say anything Edda speaks up, “A lemon martini, with an extra lemon,” then Edda turns to Steve and gives him a mirror Sharpe gaze in anger, “I have a lot to digest today.”

Steve is speechless and his mind is boggling after hearing Edda's response and all the drinks he had made it unable for him to find words to speak. For the start and to kill the silence he turns to Rebecca and spoke, “Julie, meet my girlfriend.” Edda interrupts in between and says, “Ex-girlfriend.” Steve trying to complete the sentence while giving a troubled expression to Rebecca, “Edda Bouman.”

Rebecca in a charming tone, “Hi, I am Julie cross.” Saying it Rebecca extend her hands to Edda for a handshake with a smile depicting that things are almost done and we are successful this far while Steve interprets it as that she is just giving a Friendly hand to Edda and moment later Edda extends her hand and another destructive wave hits steve and with a smile Edda Completes the handshake saying, “Nice to meet you too.”

Seeing such a warm handshake in front of his face , instead of girls pulling each other's hairs and showing a cat fight. Steve is sure that they are not in a competition and not opponents.

While Steve's brain was sorting this mess where does he lays. Edda takes her drink and starts drinking and Rebecca with a curious voice asks to Edda, “So, Edda, what went wrong in your bond of relationship.”

Steve is having a frown look on his face ,he takes his drink and tries to finish all of it in few sips and gets ready to face whatever comes his way. Edda was silent thinking and as soon as Steve places his empty glass back.

Edda speaks up looking at Rebecca, “Let's just say our timing was wrong and we both were getting less and less then what we were expecting in exchange of the efforts we were investing in it.” Edda turns her face to Steve and looking in his eyes with anger, “but now I am glad that at last, he at least listened to me this morning I told him to move on and he did, see he even started making out before 24hrs of his last breakup ended, congratulations on your progress steve.”

Saying this Edda takes the last sip of her drink and places the glass on bar table. Adding a sarcastic line as the last line of her act Edda says, “As a heads up for you Julie this guy has a good talent in bed, and rest of his features will really surprise you if you give him a try, because sometime he himself does not know what kind of surprise he is bringing for you.”

Rebecca and Steve both are surprised by the Edda response.

Edda gives a pause takes a look at her wristwatch and then says, “Ok its 8:00 pm already I have to leave now.”

Rebecca looks at her smartphone to see the time and then brings a tone of hurry and hast in her voice and says, “Oh my god, I am already late, see you later sweet steve.” Steve turns back to see her, Rebecca is already in her black coat, carrying handbag with her hat on head, leaves the cash for her drink and saying this she quickly exits the bar.

Steve again turns back to Edda, but she has already left her seat and is on the direction same as Rebecca. And Steve is left in his seat looking at the empty glass in front of him just like him, which had drink in it like relationship in Steve's life but now it is empty.

Both the girls go in other direction and are one by one picked up by Eline . In the car girls sit silently like mourning for their deed, Rebecca is sitting in the back seat poking her head between the two of the front seat while Edda is sitting next to the driver seat. Rebecca is impatient to get her payment and Eline is driving while Edda is sitting like a frozen sculpture then Rebecca says, “Edda! I think you walked into this one in a hurry.” Edda takes a second to think then replies, “No!, I am just not sure when, who and where I will do after this.”

Rebecca in a naughty tone, “You want to hit the club tonight.” Edda gives a sudden response, “No! Way. I have to return at villa till 10 o'clock tonight, got sister’s wedding tomorrow.” Rebecca being a bit concerned looking at Edda's face asks Edda, “Then what it is?”

Edda tries to hide her emotion and neutralizes the face she was making earlier and speaks, “Nothing.” Rebecca in a confident tone starting the word with slow voice and then ending up it at a high pitch says, “Bullshit!... I am not buying your 'Nothing' here.”

There is a silence in car for few more seconds while Edda plucks out a piece of thread from her shirt and starts breaking it into bit by bit as soon as bits become small that it's hard to get enough grip on them to break them.

Rebecca seeing all this again speaks up, “Humm....

Slaughtered the innocent piece of thread, you still want to talk, we have 2 minutes before we go our separate ways.”

Edda resisting strongly, “No!.”

Rebecca advises, “Just do not let it out on Sybylla tonight, So she starts having second thoughts of her marriage, Next thing you know tomorrow, priest on aisle asks'

Rebecca speaking a tone of priests, “Do you accept each other as spouses for the rest of your life, and Sybylla is like.” Rebecca continues copying the tone of Sybylla, “Can I get a rain check for answering it.”

Saying this Rebecca bursts into a slow laughter and Eline could also not control her giggle and raised her hand for a five to Rebecca which came without a moment of delay, Rebecca gave her like it was their habit.

Edda thinking it as a joke first gave a slow laugh then she started to get haunted by the thought of it, what if this happened and she could not control and spoke, “OK, here it goes, What is real love? Why people say you will surely find someone who love you? Why people say god has made a guy for every girl, a prince charming for every princess?”

Eline loses the grin she had and is clueless and is paying attention on driving, while Rebecca thinks for a second then speaks, “Yeah, I had the same thoughts on the morning of my prom night and at evening just before I lost my virginity, I wrote on piece of paper the same thing and drowned it in the alcohol, I was drinking and Burnt it to ashes.”

In a tone of advice and speaking from her experience Rebecca for first time spoke something seriously, “Love is just a cover for the lust we humans have, people say you will find real love just as sympathy, being pity on you.”

Then Rebecca pauses for a second looking to the road ahead and recalling some thoughts, “Love! Someone is there for everyone.” That is marketing Quote taught to us to create publicity for movies and shows , they feed our mind with the idea of Love, so much that we are 9/10 times in our relationships not in love with the person but in love with this idea of Love.” Edda having no words blurts out, “That was heavy, so you mean love is not what we think it is, we just used word love in place of lust.”

Rebecca adding to her sentence, “Yeah, kind of, realized it few weeks ago when I was walking down a ramp as a model, my costume was a bit short, and when I started with my catwalk on the ramp, first time in my life I got the sight of those vicious hyena like lusty eyes, they were not looking at the costume for sure, moving ahead with a smile and returning back became a nightmare, good thing I did not lose smile from my face, when I was on ramp.”

Edda with a sympathetic voice,“Does sounds like a nightmare.” Rebecca giving a review from her experience and giving some guidance, “True love is when someone sacrifice itself for someone else, or stands against anyone no matter how powerful it, just for the sake of one it love, like the military that guards it's country and it's soldiers who takes the bullets in their chest to defend the nation , true love is painful not beautiful like in stories or fairytale, it brings destruction on the person who finds it, like few of those drug addicts most of them found true love in their life and now need to stay high.”

Edda takes a sigh and says, “Wow! That is too heavy for me to digest.” Eline takes a turn and when they are almost back at the cafe where they met, Rebecca concludes and rests her case by saying that , “A piece of advice for you, earn enough to meet your needs, fall in love or should I say lust, and live your life.”

The words of Rebecca ended along with the speed of car.

Eline pulls the car close to the door of parking lot. It's almost dark outside there are only few stars visible outside and the sky is covered with a little fog already.

Edda opens the door and goes out and so does Rebecca but from the other side. Both of them close the door at once.

Edda puts her hand in her purse and pulls out the amount she already kept aside to pay to Rebecca and extend her hand from above the roof of the car saying thank you so it conceals the deal from Eline who was sitting in the driver seat waiting for Rebecca to get in so they can go back home.

Edda in a thankful tone not for the work but for her piece of advice, “Thanks for the help.” Rebecca with a smile showing the money she just took from Edda, “Always happy to help.” Saying this Rebecca gets in the car and drives away while Edda turns towards the parking lot and get inside her van pondering around those mighty words which became hard to digest for her, those heavy words pulled out the agony of the deed she did with Steve.

Edda was no longer thinking of Steve or her sister’s marriage. Instead she was just pondering around the thought while she drove from the town to the villa. What is true love? What Rebecca meant by it brings destruction to the one who finds it? Why was she giving her piece of advice? Why did she depicted the theory of 'A someone for everyone’, as a line, a quotation for business? Why she used the example of soldiers to depict the true love? What was she referring by love is a scary, hazardous and ugly thing, instead of being lovely, developing and beautiful as depicted everywhere?

On returning back to the villa around 9:30pm. She finds Sybylla already waiting outside for her. Edda pulls the minivan into the garage both the sisters grab the packages from the van. Edda closes the garage door.

Both the sisters again were walking side by side and Sybylla starts the conversation by asking, “How did it go, I got a call from Rebecca 15 minutes ago, she advised me to stay away from having talk with you for next 24hrs'.

Edda in a normal tone admiring the agility of Rebecca “She is right, but you can talk just do not create any debate.” Sybylla in curious tone, “So how did it go with steve.”

Edda with a laughter and trying to make it look normal “Piece of cake, for details I will tell you later right now I need to get a shower have my supper and get some sleep had an exhausting day, by the way what is with Rebecca and military.” Both the sister were climbing the stairs to the front door of Villa. Sybylla takes few moments and answers, “Her real father, was a hot shot undercover agent got retired started his new life, with rebecca’s mom but ,such guys have always someone stalking them to seek revenge ,he had to leave both his wife and a 7yrs old daughter for their safety, the authority which he worked for got a video tape from that mafia around a year later which recorded ,Rebecca’s father tortured to death, she was told about this 5 yrs later when she was 12,”

Then they put the stuff on its respective place and Edda goes for her bath and goes for dinner where she tries acting normal and avoiding talk with Sybylla. Later she gets in her room and gets changed in her night gown and is sitting on bed lights of the room are already off. But that window is still open from which freezing cold wind is coming in and also Edda's face is shining by the faded and diffused light of the winter moon at the horizon.

Edda is just sitting on the bed and thinking of how she met Steve. They soon became friends with benefits but later, things changed when Steve got into a fight with another guys just because he called her 'slut'. And then she recalls the moment how she ended it. And now the words spoken by Rebecca are hovering in her mind. Edda turns the night lamp on and opens a drawer in the nightstand from which she pulls in a diary and starts writing down the words told by Rebecca and the questions she was having in her mind back then. Once she is done she puts the diary back in drawer, closes the window and goes to sleep.



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