4 Weeks on Love Blossoms- Chapter 1 (Flushing the Boyfriend) HTML version

A breezy autumn morning on a family villa, clean and
painted for a marriage. Rooms filled with guests. Various
rooms assigned to guests who came till last night. Few
people having tea in the lawn. Abandoned corridors in
the villa some guests are still asleep. In the last room of
corridor to the west of the villa.
Smartphone ringing on the nightstand. A blond women
sleeping on bed, wakes up and picks and receives and
says “Hallo.”
From cell phone Steve replies,“Hi Edda, sorry for
disturbing you if you were asleep.”
Edda replies breathing out exhausting in a sarcastic
manner “No, Idiot I was in coma thanks for saving me.”
Steve replies “I am sorry for waking you up.”
Edda replies “No, thank you, alarm clock for waking me
at 6:58 am, I forgot to set one on the nightstand for 7:00