4 Steps to Starting a Successful Business HTML version

It had NOTHING to do with anything I was doing or not
doing. It had EVERYTHING to do with my approach to the
That’s what gurus don’t teach. They tell you to “do this, do
this and do that” but they don’t really explain the why. They
don’t REALLY make you understand WHY you’re doing the
things you’re doing. They don’t explain it in a way where you
read it and say, “Ah, okay. Now I understand why I’m
supposed to do this.”
If you do something like a robot, without understanding the
reason why, you’re going to end up missing a fine point that
may make the difference between success and failure.
I’m going to give you an example right now so you
understand EXACTLY what I am talking about.
Many ebooks suggest writing articles and submitting them to
directories in order to get people to come to your site. Hey,
great. I’ll write an article, submit it to a directory like Ezine
Articles and put my site link in the resource box and I’ll get
people to come to my site. Right?
And this is where we get to the parts that the books don’t
teach you because they expect you to use some common
sense. Unfortunately, not all of us have common sense. We
are creatures of following directions and we can only follow
the directions that we’re given.
Well, here’s the bad news.
I can’t teach you how to think. Honestly, I can’t do much
more than the gurus do. I can give you some basic
instruction and hope that you understand it enough to apply
it. But if you’re only going to take the basic step by steps