4 Steps to Starting a Successful Business HTML version

I have so struggled with trying to understand why 95% of
Internet marketers can’t make a dime online. I have actually
sat up nights trying to understand this. Personally, I know
that once I finally got enough information to put my
business together, it has taken me 6 months but I am finally
starting to see a profit.
So what’s wrong? Why do so many people have so much
I then took a look at all the so called “guru” books out there.
I bought them all. I read them all. Knowing what I already
knew about Internet marketing, I wanted to see if what they
were telling people to do was really going to help them or if
it was just more BS. Son of a gun, the books I read, for the
most part, were EXCELLENT! I kept saying to myself at each
part of instruction, “I do that!” and “I do that too!”
This made me scratch my head even more. I know these
books are selling. They’re constantly at the top of
Clickbank’s best seller list. So why aren’t new marketers
having success with these books?
What’s missing?
So what I did was sit down and make a checklist of what’s in
these guru books and then made my own list of the things
that I do and looked to see if there was something I was
doing that the gurus were NOT teaching. That had to be it.
And that’s when it hit me.