37 Herbs & Remedies for Fabulously Healthy Animals HTML version

Common Ailments for Horses
1. Horse allergies and hay-fever
2. Horses with arthritis can benefit from hawthorn
3. Useful herbs to combat colds and viruses
4. Best natural calmers for horses-herbs can be the perfect remedy
5. Relief for moody mares and PMS type symptoms
6. Immune boosting & hoof strengthening rosehips
7. Feeding the pregnant mare herbs - the last trimester
8. Herbal poultice for horses
9. Calming herbs for horses that are sensitive to the touch
10. Benefits of using rosemary for horses
11. Enhancing general horse appetite
12. Delicious smelling lavender for naturally happy horses
13. Growing herbal leys for healthy animals
Common Herbal Ailments For Dogs
1. Arthritis in Dogs
2. Calming herbs for your dogs’ summer travels
3. Could your dogs’ diet be contributing to poor health problems
4. Is your dog itchy?
5. Kennel cough and common winter health problems
6. Separation anxiety in dogs-natural calming herbs can help
7. Natural solutions for annoying fleas and irritating insects
8. Some frequently asked questions about herbs
9. Herbal guide for fabulous animal health
10. Contraindications
11. Herbs to avoid during pregnancy
12. Herbal remedies
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