30 of the Best List Building Secrets Revealed HTML version

What This Guide Is About And Who It's For
The money is in the list, the money is in the list, the money is in the list, how
many times have we heard every guru on the planet say this? Hundreds,
thousands?, and with good reason.
The money is in the list!
And in this book I'm going to show you how to add thousands of quality
subscribers to your list without spending a fortune in the process.
So let's get started!
Peter Lawrence
List Building Secret #1 - Make Your Content Relevant Keeps
Your Subscribers Happy And Boosts The Amount Of People
Who Will Recommend Your Newsletter To Their Friends.
One of the biggest problems I see newsletter and ezine publishers having online is
that they write about subjects no one in their market is interested in. They just
write about whatever they think people want to know about without doing any of
the research, which is a huge no no.
List Building Secret #2 - Add More Subscription Boxes To
Your Website
Sounds simple enough, but few people actually do it. If you have a 100 page
website, you should have 100 newsletter subscribe boxes on your website.
List Building Secret #3 - Offer An Outstanding Bonus Or Gift