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Low Libido?
One Woman’s
My name is Linda Lee Ryan and I am the CEO and Founder of The
Sense of Smell Lab, a world leader in pioneering products that use our
sense of smell for enhancing moods and inluencing behavior.
So what does our sense of smell have to do with our sexuality? More
than you may think!
Our sense of smell contributes enormously to the quality and
enjoyment of our lives and well being. The use of aromas and fragrances
at feasts and celebraions, in temples and churches, for religious
ceremonies and for the promoion of love, health and wellness goes back
as far as recorded history.
Recent medical research into the power of our olfactory sense to
trigger memories, enhance moods and improve health and wellness is
giving our sense of smell a whole new aitude.
Aromatherapy, deemed a fringe therapy 30 years ago, is now a
mainstream healing technique that focuses on the applicaion and
inhalaion of essenial oils for the purpose of afecing a person’s mood
and health.
For the past seven years, The SOS Lab been developing technologies
that change the way people experience the power and pleasures of
aromas, scents and fragrances. Using our innovaive non transdermal
aroma patch and the sleek, personalized aromapod, we deliver aromas
directly to the nose of the user without dispersing them into the
environment. This allows for the discreet enjoyment of