3-Minute Balance Transfer HTML version

Part 1: Where To Get 0 APR Credit Cards
There is a service that supplies all of the credit cards you will ever need, in all sorts of
different categories.
If you live in the United States go to:
If you live in the United Kingdom go to:
The U.S. site offers more credit cards than the U.K. site, simply because so many
more are available there. The U.S. site offers a convenient drop-down search box so
that you can select your card by various different categories. This is at:
You can apply for many different types of card, too. You could apply for a charge
card, a business credit card, a rewards credit card (in many different sub-categories), a
secured credit card, a pre-paid credit card, a student credit card, a card for people
whose credit rating is not good, etc.
Among the rewards cards there are Airline rewards cards, Auto rewards cards, Cash
rewards cards, Finance rewards cards, Gas rewards cards, Hotel rewards cards, Retail
rewards cards, Sports rewards cards and Travel rewards cards.
You can select cards which have introductory APRs of 0% of any higher figure,
introductory time periods with 0% APR of up to 16 months (this varies with the offers
available at the time). You can search by whether the card has 0% APR on purchases
or any low APR rate on purchases or balance transfer. You can search by whether or
not the card has an annual fee or not (most do not).