3-Minute Balance Transfer HTML version

This short 7 page guide will change the way you look at money forever. There is no
fluff in this report, so please take in every single word.
In Part One you’ll discover where to get 0 APR credit cards which allow you to
make purchases at 0% interest, get cash at 0% interest, or transfer balances at 0%
interest, or a combination of all three.
There is a truly huge number of credit cards which charge a small fee for transferring
your existing balance to them which will then charge you 0% interest for a specified
number of months. This is how to play the system, because the balance transfer fee is
so small in comparison with the interest that you would otherwise be obliged to pay.
So Part Two of this report shows you how you can get an almost unlimited number
(within a lifetime) of these cards, all from the one source. I’ll give you the exact link
that takes you to that source.
You can also do a search for the kind of card you prefer, or which will benefit you
best, in several different categories. These are all mainstream cards from well known
providers and banks such as Discover, Chase, American Express, Citibank, Capital
One, MBNA and many others. There are Standard cards, Gold and Platinum cards, as
well as Rewards cards of all descriptions.
In Part Three you will see how much balance transfer fees save you compared to
paying interest rates. This is a real eye-opener. Over the years you will save literally
Finally, in Part Four, you will discover how all this joins up. You will be given the
exact link to a free service which will enable you to use continuous 0% interest cards
for years, possibly for the rest of your life. Think about this: you may never need to
pay interest on your credit cards, ever.
Fact: By using this service you will have 0% credit cards for years,
possibly for the rest of your life.